Hey I’m Alex! I’m currently a chef, and an amazon associate! I also fix computers and laptops in Knoxville!

I like stocks; good things about stocks: They’re accessible online, 100% official, and easily traded. Managing a portfolio is important to minding your business.

Artificial intelligence is very hot. I bought a lot of this ETF symbol BOTZ. And I’ve been in HPQ since $12. I bought in because HP makes great printers, and I know 3D printers are becoming commercialized! Holding these 2 equities has been great, and their focus is on growth, so expect a lot of it!

Here are must read books for the stock market. Recommended by a good friend who made millions trading! P.S. He doubled down his profits in the ATM business and lost. Good Trader, Bad Business

First up, Market Wizards, good for fundamental trading!

Mind you, this is the first of 3 in the market wizards series!

JCCT, purely technical
A very informative book about chart reading

These two books have boosted MY confidence in managing my very own portfolio!